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Gains a charge and applies Gift of the Goddess to self for 15 seconds if an enemy hero dies within 1000 range.

Each charge grants
+1.5 Health Regeneration and 25% Mana Regeneration. Max of 25 charges (15 charges in Mid Wars).

50% of charges are lost on death, up to a maximum of 4 charges.
Grants a bonus 100 Max Health & 100 Max Mana for every 5 charges.

This item can be
disassembled. Gift of the Goddess' healing and Mana Regeneration is reduced by 50% in Mid Wars. Cannot be dropped if you have taken damage within the last 8 seconds.
+950 Max Health
+850 Max Mana
+3 Health Regeneration
+30% Mana Regeneration
Activation Details
Maximum Charges
The most holy symbol of the Beast religion is the Icon of the Goddess Earth. The reverence poured into these objects redounds to whomever possesses them, granting great Health and Magic, and helping to restore mystic energies and close wounds.